Our projects

To study, review and forecast the quantity of goods transportation and transportation route with internal province, between sub region and region as well as transportation network connectivity in order to establish truck terminal in appropriate location, propose building components to manage in geospatial efficiently, study investment and management alternatives including the standard drawing.

Phase  4

To study and analyze the main road transportation problem in Bangkok, study origin trip and attractive trip as well as perform a land-use management plan and a guideline to solve the trip and traffic problem including propose a guideline for public transportation intermodal and transit oriented development.

Phase 5

To review, study and improve traffic problem in the past to cope with current situation, perform a guideline to solve traffic urgent phase problem in Bangkok including perform the alternatives for traffic impact analysis due to project development.

To analyze problem and difficulty in regional airport system management, prepare development plan to increase efficiency including utilization for any airports and prepare business development plan from utilization in current situation.

To study and analyze cost structure on land, water, air and rail transportation for only important goods strategic as well as supply chain, analyze other factor and influence of transportation cost structure in current situation including propose the policy and the transportation cost structure that can save energy and achieve the balance of transportation sector.